Study Effective

Story from S.M, NSW

This year I commenced an external university course undertaking a full time workload of eight subjects a year – twice the normal external workload. Well meaning friends suggested this may be difficult, giving the usual reasons. I participated in your weekend workshop, and the other participants were interested in what subjects I was going to start with. Everyone reeled in horror when I mentioned Statistics. Well, Maths had never been my best subject during High School in the ‘70’s. I was beginning to worry. If people who work with numbers all the time have difficulty with Stats, what hope do I have? Later that day we had a session on setting and achieving goals. My goal was to achieve a Distinction in Stats and Sociology, secretly regretting ever considering doing Stats.

During the following week I received the course outline — it looked very complicated and intimidating. I used your study techniques as well as PP (and some help from my husband). Although the work was rather difficult, I averaged 85% each assignment. The next hurdle was the exam.

In my PP I visualised feeling calm during, and easily completing, the exam. I also visualised opening the letter stating my results — a Distinction of course. When the results did arrive, I was rewarded with a High Distinction. I felt (and still feel) very pleased with myself. Thanks Sandy.

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