Seminar Book and Tape Testimonies

Story from E.N, Perth

Thanks for the weekend seminar.  I feel I got a lot out of it and feel very excited and optimistic about my future.

I was really impressed with the 8 step goal setting procedure and have been amazed by the way this "eyes up and down" seems to "lower" me down into Alpha (sometimes very quickly without having to do much exploring of my P.P.)

The other thing that really impressed me was the emotional anchor.  As I "operate" my trigger, the rush I experience from this emotional high blows me away.

With the knowledge I have gained from your books and seminar I feel the best thing I can do to move my life forward (and to let go of a recent relationship break-up) is to direct all my energy (both positive and negative) into fulfilling my life-long dream of a career in music.

Thanks for the experience.

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