Seminar Book and Tape Testimonies

Story from H.J, ACT

The Life Skills Seminar that I attended last February kick started my life in the right direction and I realised that I needed to expand my beliefs and extend myself. I have done this by changing my surname to my maiden name and assuming my own identity after being divorced for a number of years and continuing to use my married name. I realised that I was no longer the person who took on that name at the wedding ceremony and wished to sever those ties.

At the end of last year I also moved interstate to start a new career. I have moved from being employed, to having the incentive in a joint venture with my new husband. Life has taken on a whole new aspect for myself and my family.

I admire Sandy and all that he is doing and would like to attend more seminars and become involved in leading them—it is finding the time now to fit it in with all of my other activities. I am still learning how far the mind can be expanded so that more of it is used. Keep up the wonderful and inspiring work. Enthusiasm is a beneficial quality to be participated in by many people and your organisation oozes with enthusiasm.

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