Seminar Book and Tape Testimonies

Story from L.M

I have enjoyed and gained so much from your books Piece of Mind, Switch on to Your Inner Strength, and your many inspirational tapes. Your book No Need for Heroes was great reading. It brought home to me (and also a friend who served in the armed forces) just how often you meet men, and so many others who faced death daily, and had so many hair-raising experiences under such harsh conditions. Each and every one of the original Tunnel Rats are Heroes and should be recognised by our government for your acts of bravery beyond the call of duty. Every Aussie should read this book and be grateful of the undying love you, your men, and all the other servicemen and women had for keeping ours a free country. You, Sandy, are a truly remarkable Australian. Even now your ambition is to help as many people as possible find peace, happiness, and harmony. May God bless you.

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