Peaceful Place

Story from W.G, ACT

Following the seminar I realized Sandy’s techniques have become automatic for me.  I don’t think about them.

I was approximately 6 months down my healing journey when I discovered Sandy’s book “Piece of Mind”.  Yes, I had used tapes loaned to me following my diagnosis, some were more successful than others but Sandy’s book demonstrated how I could take control and make a huge impact on my recovery.

Attending the CALM Life Skills Seminar was a turning point for me as the techniques learned gave me the tools to help myself in all facets of my life.  When faced with survival or not, there was a strong resolve to invest the time practicing my PP.  It is only now that I have realized I don’t think about going to my PP, I just automatically do it.

So when do I use my PP?  Several times every day.  My PP is real and has a name.  I say the name as I slowly breathe deeply in and out three times and I am there.  I just do it automatically.

I go to my PP while waiting for appointments, prior to encountering new situations, making important telephone calls, to remain centred and be able to see situations as they are and not become caught up in the emotion of the event, prior to meditation, prayer and any activity requiring total concentration, every chance I have to just sit, and every night before going to sleep.  As I now do it automatically it doesn’t seem much.  It has maximized my body’s natural healing energies, has had an enormous impact on my coping skills, energy levels and my health and well-being.  It is a major factor in me being as well as I am today.

Regarding Sandy’s other tapes, over the years I have read many success stories.  His healing tape also allows the white blood cells to increase as I experienced.  Actually it is a versatile tape as it is suitable for any healing situation.

The Forgiveness tape is so powerful.  When next I met the person I forgave it was unbelievable.  The atmosphere was so different.  I was received as a long lost friend and our relationship has not looked back.  What a relief, yet so easy thanks to Sandy’s tapes.

All the very best for practicing your PP.  Invest the time and effort and it will become automatic and life changing.  Thank you Sandy for sharing your wonderful techniques.

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