Pain Release and Healing

Story from E.K, ACT

Started: 19/1/98;  Finished: 28/2/99.   I am in my 4th and final year at Uni and have been doing a spring cleaning when I discovered this half written letter.  So I’ve now finished it off.

Four years ago when I was in the middle of a two year working holiday in London I was about to walk out the door to begin a two month trek in Europe.  Unfortunately, the day before I was due to depart I had a grand mal seizure.  I’d never had a fit in my life before so this came as a huge surprise.  After having a C.T. scan I was told I’d had a brain haemorrhage and was admitted to hospital.

I was then required to have an MRI scan which is similar to a C.T. scan but gives a more detailed picture. The procedure takes about 45 minutes in a tightly enclosed area where there is not room to lift your head and the noise the machine makes is similar to a huge drill.  Combining such a noise with intense migraines I was having due to the pressure from the bleeding was not something I was looking forward to.

My father called me from Australia and having recently taken part in one of your seminars, he described the development process of PP as best he could.  In the next few days I developed my PP and went into the MRI scan, ready to make use of PP.   The 45 minute procedure was over in what felt like minutes – I had gone to PP and then fallen asleep whilst the drilling was going on all around my head!

I continued to use my PP for relaxation/stress release and calming over the next few weeks.  The day before my surgery Dad arrived from Australia with a set of your tapes for me to use.  I had 6 hours of brain surgery, followed by a further 12 hours in the intensive care unit.  At this point I was still very much affected by the anaesthetic, and therefore too drowsy to concentrate on anything!

Over the course of the next few weeks I had 3 days using pain-killing injections and then decided to use my PP instead.  It didn’t totally cure me of my pain, but it certainly brought the pain down to a tolerable level and I no longer needed injections.

Since this point in time I have used my PP (both with and without the tapes) for stress release, general relaxation, to help with studies and also to help me sleep.  Your tapes have done nothing but help me immensely since day one!  I thank you and recommend them to anyone considering to buy them.   They’re well worth the time and effort in order to achieve results in many aspects of life!

It has been delightful to not only do your seminar initially Sandy, but I felt privileged to be able to help out on a subsequent seminar a couple of years later.

I look forward to more updating newsletters and I hope that this story may be of use to you.  With fond regards and best wishes.

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