Pain Release and Healing

Story from A.C, SA

Firstly, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for enabling me to attend your two day seminar recently in Adelaide. It was without a doubt the best I have attended and as I have owned Piece of Mind for some years, it was great for me to have these ideas reinforced by practice.

I felt that I understood the Emotional Anchor much better, as I had been unsure about this before. I also had an opportunity to look around the outside of my Peaceful Place. Prior to the seminar, I had always gone straight into my PP without looking around. Now I enjoy the 360 degree view, when I have time!

One of the things that really impressed me was your honesty and warmth, and you spoke in a manner that was uncomplicated, and easy to follow. As a teacher I am often a little critical of the presentation styles of others. You scored a 10/10!

Last year I was invited to speak publicly about my experiences in teaching relaxation to school children. I was very honoured and was quick to acknowledge that my inspiration came from your book Piece of Mind.

When I started school on the Monday morning (after a 2 week holiday) I was brimming with enthusiasm and wanted to tell my colleagues about my wonderful weekend seminar. I was bursting to tell them about being “hooked” up to the electroencephalograph and the way it showed that I could access the alpha state very rapidly. I was really excited about meeting my class, as I had a much more positive outlook, although others tell me that I’m a very positive teacher anyway!

On Thursday of the same week my life took a dramatic turn, as I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. I’m now at home recuperating from an operation and awaiting radiotherapy. I wouldn’t be honest if  I said that I wasn’t shocked. However, while I went through 4¼ hours of gruelling tests to confirm the diagnosis, I thought of the anecdote that you told us about the woman who had needle biopsies.

When I was subjected to the needle biopsy, with the “cast of thousands” in the room with me, I thought “Well, here you go, use your PP.” I closed my eyes, even though I was invited to watch the screen. I took some deep breaths and went to my PP. I could hear people telling me that it would be painful, but I hardly felt a thing. Afterwards, the woman who performed the biopsy said “Were you off on a desert island?” I explained a little and she replied she could tell.

Before I underwent the bone scans, blood test and X-rays I used my PP. I continued to teach for 4 days, and my colleagues were shocked, and remarked on my really positive outlook. I kept telling myself that I couldn’t afford a negative thought and that I would cross a bridge only if I had to.

I continued to go to my PP and into a ‘Healing room” and use your Healing Tape. On the day after the operation the surgeon said to me “You should have the biggest smile on your face. The tumour was 0.85cm, not 1.2cm as the ultra-sound showed. The lymph nodes are clear.”

Of course I have some down moments, but I am fairly at peace with myself. The tapes have been so helpful. Sandy, I am so grateful that I could be at the seminar. If my journey so far would encourage anyone else, please use it, just as I used the story of the woman and the needle biopsy. Again, my sincere thanks and appreciation.

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