Pain Release and Healing

Story from A.D

From Sandy’s Introductory Tape I learned I am no longer a candidate for psychiatric treatment!   Thinking about my car accident, the understanding of how I returned to the living, when expected to go the other way, is to me awesome.  The words breaking through the haze of my mind “I’ve got to get out of this” were repeated over and over.  The ‘THIS’ was a ½ inch thick plaster of Paris in which I was encased from waist down to cover knee injury and to keep my dislocated hip in place.  I had no physical strength, and yet I broke open that thick plaster with hands not strong enough to hold a spoon.  I am sure the strength came from the 88% power of my mind.   I became aware of my surroundings, began to get better, and now believe pressure blocking nerve supply to the brain was released.

Later, I reduced blood pressure from 220 to 180 in the doctor’s surgery in a few minutes (it was once 240!).  The doctor gave in to my request of no treatment for high blood pressure and it is now of no further concern.  My self image is improved and lots more.

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