Pain Release and Healing

Story from Sandy about Bill

I've told nearly everyone that during my "endeavour to prove" that the subconscious mind does work I visited a consultant.  His name was Bill Robertson.  Bill said to me "You're doing it" (going to Alpha).

Sandy:"I have to prove it to me."

Bill: "OK, There are two challenging things to do - one is to stop smoking and the other is to release weight."

Sandy: "I don't smoke, so I'll work on weight."

Well, Bill said hello to me at a CALM Life Skills seminar.  He shared with everyone that he had had a stroke - down the right hand side of his body and the doctor told him he wouldn't walk again.  Bill's attitude was - you just watch me!  Within 10 days he was up and about.  Very soon after, another stroke - really bad.  Bill couldn't talk and the right side of his face was twisted, besides not being able to walk.  Once again you can imagine what the doctors said.  Bill's attitude was "well this time it's really serious - it'll be a good test of my Alpha powers."  You can imagine the rest.  That's right! Up and about, and speaking normally in two weeks!  You're an inspiration Bill.  Thanks for all your help and advice.

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