Story from R.A, NT

Thank you for the wonderful experience of your seminar I recently attended. Learning - How do I remember to remember. The task was so daunting - it took me 6-7 weeks to learn the poem (enclosed). I wrote it out, I read it out loud while walking. I am now convinced step one to Alpha is to write in colour the steps, then put them on tape or use your tape (your voice is more convincing than mine), listening to it while walking till I get the message into my subconscious so that I can practise it. I know this may seem a little strange, or far-fetched, but for me, the simplest task takes a while before I get the hang of it. I’ve come into the office to do some photocopying - a simple task for some, but for me I’m still struggling with photocopying on both sides so that they are both up the right way! I don’t give myself such a hard time any more about it. I’m learning to laugh at my mix-ups. I had an experience while in Sydney with my Eftpos Card.

I needed to get some money out of my account. As I walked around town to find a machine, I was trying to think of my pin number. I couldn’t for the life of me remember it. All sorts of thoughts came rushing through my mind. I didn’t panic. What was I going to do? Number one, stay calm. Well maybe if I put the card in the machine I will remember. I still wasn’t sure as my finger pushed on the numbers, but out came the money, so what a relief! Phone numbers, names of people I know well, sometimes I’ll be able to recall them, other times not. This was the problem when I was working - having total memory blanks. I had little notes everywhere to remind me. It was hard working with people who made jokes about my notes. STRESSED TO THE MAX!

Thanks to you and your methods, I have found a way to move forward and remember at school, learning spelling words - I still make the same mistakes on the simple words.

I have analysed and come to realise why I felt so stuck, bogged down. Just like a bogged car. A bogged car that is stuck needs packing under the wheels or a push or pull to assist it out of the bog - it is unable to do it on its own when it’s really stuck. As you said, it’s Okay to ask for help when I need it. I now know my way to freedom is to ask or seek assistance. It will take a while, but that’s okay.

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