Creating Happiness Intentionally (CHI) Seminar

4/5 days live-in

Using the powerful CALM meditation techniques discover the main purpose of your life, decide on goals and values that drive you, and truly support those goals. This knowledge is a potent force that will lead you towards the life you desire. Take part in this meditation retreat.

CHI Meditation Retreat

Learning to bring about true Balance and Harmony in your life

This Chi Seminar is about determining and working towards your Life's Purpose Now. By doing this you will bring about true Balance and Harmony in your life, true happiness, whilst you strive towards your goals. Often many of life's challenges are in the way and need to be resolved when working towards your Life's Purpose. This Chi Seminar will show you how to do it and have fun too.

For those who have done the 2 day Life Skills Seminar then this seminar is a 4 day "live in" seminar commencing at 5.30 pm on the first day. For those who have not done the Calm Life Skills seminar then this seminar is a 5 day/4 night "live in" seminar commencing at 11 am on the first day (This is called Pre CHI). I still recommend to potential attendees of the CHI Seminar that doing the 2 day Life Skills Seminar is a preferred first step. The Life Skills seminar can be done by physically attending or by DVD.

A Letter

This CHI seminar is a four-day live-in meditation retreat experience. You will be thoroughly spoiled with full catering, in such a wonderful way that you'll never want to leave.
The main purpose of the Chi seminar can be summarised by what one of the participants, Lorna Stewart, said:
"I gave myself the gift of four days with Sandy, away from my normal routine. Four days with a wonderful group of loving, positive and supportive people, at a haven in which to go deeply within and discover my Life's Purpose Now, and to come up with the goals and values that will support that purpose.
"I always had an idea of what my life was about, but nothing concrete. I certainly didn't have a map that I could follow, so I spent quite a bit of time traveling down some dead ends. Now I'm powerfully and absolutely on track – and loving it."

When I talk to the people that I meet who are truly happy, many of them tell me that their happiness is not just an accident, but that they actively work for it. Most of them use the skills we learnt in the CALM Life Skills Seminar – they are able to relax easily and quickly, they set goals, they talk positively to themselves, and they regularly do some sort of meditation.
Above all they know the purpose involved of their lives – they have a clear vision of why they are alive and where they are going in life. They have goals in different areas so that their lives are balanced, and their values actively support these goals.
The essence of the CHI Seminar is about really getting on track with your life so that you can actually live your dreams – using the powerful CALM mind techniques to discover the main purpose of your life, to decide on goals that support you in all areas of your life, and to make sure that your values, the things that drive you, truly support those goals. This knowledge is a potent force that will lead you towards the life you desire.
The CHI Seminar is an inspiring and exciting life adventure. Can you imagine being able to talk about anything you wish, in the safe and supportive company of like-minded people, and know that you are in the presence of love and true acceptance? CHI attracts ordinary people like you and me who are dedicated to living an extraordinary life. Previous participants have gained really wonderful insights into themselves and their lives, and the group energy and friendship that is developed is incredibly powerful. I know that the seminar will help you to totally take control of your life – to create your happiness intentionally.
It is truly a blessing to be a part of the amazing growth and personal break-throughs that occur.
See you there.
All the best,
CALM Pty Ltd

CALM advises you that Sandy's son Andrew who is an Independent Credentialed CALM Coach (ICCC) coaching CALM clients and conducting seminars will be involved conducting this CHI seminar. Sandy will be attending and making a guest appearance.

How to Attend

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