Worry and Anxiety

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Overcoming Anxiety
Are you looking to overcoming anxiety or looking for an effective anxiety treatment? Learn how to overcome anxiety by understanding the process how anxiety forms and techniques to beat it.

I am a particularly anxious sort of person and would like to control this - can you help

I believe that meditation is the best way through anxiety.  Start off meditating in the morning for ten minutes and in the evening for ten minutes, and see which timing suits you best (many people go to sleep at night, when they are trying to meditate, because they're too tired).  Once you've determined this, gradually increase your meditation to at least half an hour each day.  If you think you haven't got time to do it, then get up earlier in the morning - meditation is better than sleep.  I recommend my tape, or CD, PP5 - Meditation.

Often the cause of anxiety can be fears.  It's best to get to the cause of the fear, and to let this go in meditation.  What actually happens during the meditation is that you can develop a new habit which over-rides and replaces the fear.  I recommend my tape, or CD, PP15 - Overcoming Fear.  You can read more on my website under Fear or Anxiety.

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