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insomnia treatment - Overcoming Insomnia
Sleep has an important role in our lives for maintaining good health. In deep sleep the body activates its healing processes, so that regeneration and repair of the body take place.
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Making Sleep Useful
I have always promoted the fact that we can use the subconscious mind during sleep time to help us clear the current day and set up the next day. We can achieve with the subconscious mind during sleep time. I am not sure, and science has not yet proved it, whether that achievement occurs in the Delta Brainwave State (Deep Sleep) or whether it's the Theta Brain Wave State (Dream State) - I rather fancy it's the latter. Now a team of scientists/investigators from the University of Amsterdam have published their findings in the Journal of Science regarding "Making a Decision - Sleep On It".
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Sleep Deprivation
Being Tired Can Damage Your Life You may know my solution for going to sleep easily and making it useful! For a refresher click this MMN here. A few days ago I heard an ABC AM report which spoke about Sleep Deprivation and all the ways one’s life can be damaged. This sparked my interest and I went to this link to read more about the topic.

How can I overcome insomnia

Sleep issues are often caused by stress and possibly other issues in your life, for example anger and fear.  The "Piece of Mind" Pack is helpful in overcoming these issues - read the book and do the exercises.  Keep practising getting to your "Peaceful Place" fast.  The tape, or CD,  "A Peaceful Place No. 12 - Making Sleep Easy & Useful" is another tool which may be helpful.

After learning the method of going to your Peaceful Place, you can do this during the day - particularly at any time that stress occurs. Then when you go to bed at night, you will have already have released some of your stress, so will not have a build up of stress just prior to going to sleep.  You can now go to your Peaceful Place whilst in bed, then tell yourself that you're going to sleep whilst in your PP.  You may need to play the tape if you start to feel too stressed to tell yourself the steps of the process of going into your Peaceful Place (especially if you haven't been able to practise during the day). 

When you've mastered getting to your PP, you could use a meditation method to take you to sleep.  This is described in my tape, or CD, "A Peaceful Place No. 12 – Making Sleep Easy and Useful", which you would use in bed, with the light off, ready to go to sleep.

I often wake up during the night and find it difficult to get back to sleep - any suggestions

The main thing to do is to break the pattern of not being able to go to sleep again.  What I suggest is to get out of bed, and then commence the normal routine you use to go to sleep at night.  By this I mean, you may need to sit in front of the TV for ten minutes, or read for ten minutes, and/or to have a glass of warm milk. Then you go to bed and either just go to your PP telling yourself that you're going to have a good, sound sleep and wake up at ...... 7am (for example), or, you may need to play the tape or CD PP12 - Making Sleep Easy and Useful. 

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