How can I remind myself to go to my Peaceful Place?

How can I remind myself to go to my Peaceful Place

It really is important to develop and use your Peaceful Place (PP) often.  There are many reminder methods to do the 30 second practice of going to your PP and these include:

* Putting your watch on the other arm

* Wearing your watch upside down

* Putting a sticker on your watch so that it's difficult to read

* Putting Stickers in every place that you can think of where you've got 30 seconds to do your PP, eg. the bathroom mirror, inside the shower, on your toothbrush, on the Mute button of the TV control, on a special cup or glass that you drink out of, on your refrigerator, etc...

* Using a bookmark with PP written on it

* Using a message, screen saver or alarm on your computer

* Putting something like a little furry animal on your keyring (so that you feel it) - think of where this can be useful ... before you drive away in your car, before you get out of your car, as you arrive home and put the key in the front door, etc...

* Using jewellery, eg. getting a new ring, changing a ring from one finger to another finger, wearing a bracelet, etc...

* Using a diary

* Putting coins in your pocket

You see, what we're trying to do with all these different reminder methods is to create some sort of interrupt pattern within our consciousness so that it reminds us to immediately go to PP.  Remember, the job of the subconscious mind is to keep you where you are now, so you see it will keep on creating doubt and indeed it doesn't want the new habit of being able to relax and release stress whenever you want.  It (the subconscious mind) only wants what it's got ... not what it has not got.  So the job of the conscious mind is to get the new habit into the subconscious mind, and it's this conscious mind that needs reminding to do it.

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