What is the purpose of rolling my eyes up and down as part of the 'Peaceful Place' process?

What is the purpose of rolling my eyes up and down as part of the 'Peaceful Place' process

When we sleep at night our eyes roll upwards. The little technique of rolling back the eyes is to "trick" the subconscious mind into thinking you're going off to sleep (because the subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between imagination and reality) and therefore the subconscious mind starts the process of  sleep.  To get to the sleep state we start off in the Beta brainwave state , then relax into the Alpha state, down deeper into the Theta state and then into the Delta sleep state. The conscious mind then comes in and says "we're just going to Alpha".  This method does not necessarily work for everyone - in fact in some cases it can be a distraction and therefore it may work in reverse -  if this is the case for you then just don't do it.  It's by no means a "must".

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