One of the things I want to do is get rid of my migraines.

One of the things I want to do is get rid of my migraines. I know they are related to both stress and muscle tightness in my shoulders and neck (which in itself is stress related). Since doing your CALM Life Skills Seminar there is some improvement although I have still had several bad migraines. I do my PP on average about 15 times a day. Weekends are still a bit of a challenge with a different schedule, but I am starting to make a difference there. I have also tried the healing meditation you taught us, and while this has made some difference, I have not yet been able to remove the pain of the migraine completely. I had a migraine last Friday and then again on Sunday, and tried the healing meditation on both days. It did make some difference, but I had to resort to taking painkillers on Sunday to be able to keep going, and spent several hours in bed on Friday. Could you please pass on any suggestions you might have?

If your stress increases migraine, then what you can do is get rid of the stress. The best way to get rid of stress is to meditate for half an hour daily (going to PP will help - but deeper stress is released at the deeper Theta level achieved during meditation).

Do you feel a warning that you have a migraine coming on? If you do then it's good to at least have a warning signal because then you can start doing something about it. What do you do? I recommend that you learn PP3 - Pain Release Tape or CD so that you can basically do it in your mind in about 2 or 3 minutes. The only thing is, you will not be able to go down to the Theta level in this short time frame - that's OK. When you feel the signs of a migraine coming on, then immediately go to your PP and do the Pain Release meditation (PP3) - you can continue to do this as often as you wish. I think this will be more effective than doing PP4 - Healing Yourself.

What else have you done about your migraines? I know many people who have also taken alternative health treatments, including vitamin supplement therapy - perhaps you could consider this approach as well

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