My mother has a cancerous growth where she had a hysterectomy 2 years ago.

My mother has a cancerous growth where she had a hysterectomy 2 years ago. She has had several courses of chemotherapy but the latest one has been unsuccessful in shrinking the growth and her negative state of mind does not help the situation. Her attitude is "it is still there and I'm dying", regardless of the fact that she is still alive and there is hope. My father died of cancer two and a half years ago and this plays on her mind to a large extent. Do you have any suggestions? Which one of your products do you think will assist us the most?

One of the things that you would really need to do, is to actually ask your Mother does she want to get better, or does she want to die. 

Attitude is an enormous component of recovery. Hope can heal. My book "Switch On to Your Inner Strength" is one that actually covers this area (as does my CALM Life Skills 2-day seminar.) In the book and at the seminar we actually discuss a true story about a lady who also had the attitude of "Nothing can be done" - she also had the thought of "runs in the family" because her mother died of cancer. Luckily, with help and support, she changed her mind and actually put her cancer into remission. Meditation has helped many people in their fight with cancer and I would also suggest my guided imagery tapes or CDs: PP3 - Releasing Hurt, PP4 - Healing Yourself & PP5 - Meditation (you can see brief descriptions of all of these on my website.) Dr. Bernie Siegal's books are also excellent - two that immediately come to mind are "Love, Medicine and Miracles" and "Peace, Love and Healing". Petrea King and Ian Gawler are people who have written books after healing their own cancer.

Has your mother taken a nutritional approach at all? I know of many people who have gone down this path with a very superior nutritional product which has produced great results.

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