How can I cope with the many issues surrounding my separation and divorce?

How can I cope with the many issues surrounding my separation and divorce

Separation (divorce) is probably one of the hardest thing in life to deal with.  One of the main issues with this is that we're always looking outside ourselves for love (this could mean lack of self esteem, lack of self love, etc...).  Have you heard the saying that you need to give out more of what you want in your life, for example ... "If you want 'more love in your life', then you need to give out more love".  Now you can't give out something unless you've got it to give - so how do you do that?  We need to love ourselves so much that we don't have the need to look outside ourselves for love.  My thought is that partnership will come when we ourselves are ready for it.  And obviously I recognise that we all want it in some way or another.  So what does loving oneself really mean?  It is in fact taking responsibility for ourselves in every way from the way we talk to ourselves, to the food we eat, to the books we read and the TV/movies we watch, to making sure our stress levels are under control - I'm sure you get the picture.   (See page 33 of the book "Student Steps To Success" for quite a list.) If you are aware of these issues, you are already 50% of the way there.  The next 25% is having the desire to do something about it, and the final 25% is actually doing something, which is where some of my work will be of value, especially reading "Piece of Mind" and  working  with goals, remember to ALWAYS keep your self talk positive.

I know that issues involving hatred, anger, guilt, revenge and ............. more may come up for you. Work with whatever comes up - do not push it down! The main way forward is with acceptance, cooperation, unconditional love and forgiveness. Specific meditations are probably the best way - Letting Go Anger (PP9), Inner Peace and Harmony (PP13), Self Worth and Confidence (PP10) and forgiveness (PP6) plus the book "Switch On To Your Inner Strength."

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