Happiness Follows From Pursuit


I have written about Happiness before. Indeed much has been written about happiness. Can you influence or create Happiness? I know that you can (more of this later)! What is Happiness?

So what’s new?  What is happiness?  There is the immediate “high” of happiness in experiencing great pleasure, delight, exhilaration or ecstasy.  Then there is another kind of happiness in the lingering, deep contentment and gladness of soul.  Is one type of happiness more important than another?

Definitely for helping to maintain balance and help to release stress, little bursts of happiness are important.  I’ve been hearing much recently in the media about the R U OK? Foundation who are asking us to ask others “Are you OK?”  This way you find out if someone within your circle is perhaps having a hard time and maybe you could help in some way.  T'is a good idea I reckon!

The Happiness Institute

I read on the Happiness Institute’s website about a recent guest speaker at a conference – Maura Sweeney – who was a closing speaker to tie together the day’s events.  Just prior to her presentation a behavioural scientist provided “clinical proof” that we “only see what we believe”.  He reversed the oft-quoted phrase “I’ll believe it when I see it”  to  “I’ll see it when I believe it.”  He said that when the subconscious mind doesn’t believe something, it will block images from us, hence holding us captive to our old ways and habits.  Most of you know how much I stress the importance of visualisation – made more powerful when using meditation.

The Time Magazine

I recently came across another interesting juxtaposition of words in an issue of Time Magazine July 8 / July 15, 2013 issue  (to which I subscribe) entitled “The Pursuit of Happiness”  inside is an interesting Mind Map and I encourage you to look at it.  I said 3 cheers to myself when I read about "having a purpose in life contributes to happiness. The article is entitled “The Happiness of Pursuit” - I ecourage you to read it at this link:  http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,2146449,00.html

Happy For No Reason

From various article and books I’ve read over the years and when browsing the internet there are many roads that can lead towards happiness such as … Showing gratitude, Smiling and making somebody else smile – espoused and expanded on by “Happiness Expert” Marcia Shimoff who wrote "Happy For No Reason".  Smiling can definitely make a difference to yourself and others.  Do something different,  take a walk, improve your self esteem … and on and on it goes …. All good suggestions. 

Marcia Shimoff is the New York Times bestselling co-author of Chicken Soup For The Woman's Soul and was featured in "The Secret". Marcia writes "Live a life inspired by purpose". Need I say more?

That Elusive Pot Of Gold

Everywhere I go “Happiness” is popping up in front of me. Recently when I picked up the book I was reading and looked at the bookmark … guess what?  I read the statement:  “Happiness is the by-product of having lived a kind and noble life.”  Whilst this all seems well and good, it seems to me that it asks us to be happy only at the end of our lives when it becomes apparent that we have been good and noble.  So I can’t actually agree with this particular statement.

We all seem to be looking for that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow … I’ll be happy, one day when ….  Is the grass really greener on the other side?  Sometimes we need to just enjoy a current moment of happiness but I believe there is more.

The Journey Towards Happiness Is A Key

Do you really believe in your ability to achieve happiness?   Are there perhaps blocks and challenges and obstacles that frustrate your full enjoyment of life?  Do you feel that you deserve to be happy?

Having goals to work towards …there is a great pleasure in striving – the old story of the journey towards happiness being the key.  This I agree with wholeheartedly and yet I believe in more.  I believe having a Life Purpose is vital and My Creating Happiness Intentionally (CHI) Seminars delve deeply into Life Purpose.

The Future

I announced recently that I would not be conducting further CHI Seminars, mainly because I do not enjoy “hassling” people by calling, emailing, etc… As I have always said, conducting the CHI Seminar is the “jewel in the crown” for me and having just conducted my “last” CHI it reinforced once again for me how rewarding the entire experience is for all concerned.   

With encouragement from many, I have conceived a new plan.  Of course I really would LOVE to conduct CHI again if possible and I will do so when (and if) I have the required numbers.  Although throughout the years many people have registered their interest in attending CHI what I mean by having the numbers is when at least twelve people have expressed their commitment to attending CHI by making a $100 refundable Deposit and indicating possible dates (at least 2 alternatives) which would suit them (without any coaxing from me).  Dates will be confirmed when numbers are sufficient.

I would probably still prefer to conduct CHI from Wednesday until Sunday afternoon, at the Chevalier Centre however I am open to going to any other Stae if you put together the people. The price for Chevalier has risen slightly (from $400 to $500 for 5 days and 4 nights full board) - the price for conducting the seminar remains the same.  Contact me if you really want to do the seminar - just reply to this email.

So Jesh, know that you create your Happiness by constantly moving towards your Life Purpose using balanced goals, whilst at the same time identifying and eliminating blocks, fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving.

Stay in touch and keep calm using PP.  

All the best,


Sandy MacGregor

My Seminars on CD and DVD

2-day CALM Life Skills Seminar is available with a Workbook
3-Hour Active Meditation Seminar is on double DVD.  

Success Stories from CHI

So nice to read your email and recall the Chi retreat I did way back when: possibly eight or nine years ago.  It was a great workshop.
Your workshops have made a difference in so many people's lives over the years, starting with the way your life and story have evolved with you at the helm.  The inspiration to others comes from the way you have responded to some of the major things in your life: some  things that don't happen to most people. 
Sandy my awe of the way you have approached your personal survival and maintenance is huge.  You have clearly made it your mission to survive in so many ways and in so many contexts: from your career in the military and the theatre of war; supporting your son through an horrific incident to the exquisitely hideous time since the deaths of your daughters.  And so many other random bits of 'life' that have appeared in between no doubt. 
There are so many modes of survival and yet the means you have chosen and developed have not only sustained you but have inspired you to share them with others in the hope that your fellow man may also survive in a really good way.
Thank you so much for being the Sandy MacGregor whom you are and for sharing your story, discoveries and survival means with anyone who is interested.
Again, thank you so much for your wonderful work and your generosity of spirit with sharing with others what you have learned and found so sustaining.  S.H. Tas

Sandy you have been an inspiration to so many and have gifted every one of us with your amazing insights.
I cannot express my gratitude enough, for all I have learnt and adapted into my life. I started on my own journey to find my own destiny, the day I took the plunge and signed up for your 7 day Bali Chi. It opened my eyes and turned my thought process upside down! 
I walked away believing anything was possible, my goals & choices were mine.
I found the bounce in my step again and my smile returned.
I came to a second Chi 2 years later after some major changes in my life. 
I needed the time to focus on my needs and thoughts, away from the hustle and bustle of life.
I returned to my life more balanced and relaxed. I had the strength and tools to better cope with the roller coaster that life can sometimes throw at us.
This year, another 2 years on, I was thinking that it was time for a third Chi... And then I read...
This could be the last Chi... 
Unfortunately this time it is not meant to be for me... 
The timing coincides with my recovery time for my up coming, long awaited surgery. (Another of my goals to be completed)
Sandy, I have booked you in for a few days.... I have your CD's and will have a refresher during my recovery time!
Please do keep me updated if you do run another Chi, in any location.
Thank you.  S.M. WA   


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