Ideas Regarding Self-Improvement


One of the constants in life is change and our life experiences constantly change all of us. All of us have different life experiences with various events that happen which automatically effect and stretch us in some way and teach us assorted life lessons. We learn – mostly from negative experiences – these are our life experiences! We gradually learn to manage life's hurdles and challenges which will be ever present. Indeed we are always learning!

Rivalry and competition are stronger in our society than ever before.  New technology is with us at every turn which makes it imperative to constantly update our knowledge and skills to retain an edge for getting the work we want. Paying attention to our own self-improvement is crucial. In this way you will retain your advantage and flexibility in most circumstances.

Balance and Awareness

Having balance in your life helps to create the life you want.  Recognise what you enjoy doing and what you're good at and concentrate on refining and improving those talents.

You need to be aware of aiming for self-improvement and take steps to make it happen.  You will need to find the right tools and aids to advance you along the path of self-improvement and this may take a bit of financial outlay for books, seminars or other aids.

To achieve self-improvement it is important for each of us to be responsible for our own thoughts, actions and behaviour. Furthermore we may need to relinquish or modify certain attitudes such as excessive anger, bullying, judgements and accusations. 

Do You Have the Skills to Change?

Sometimes we want to and sometimes we need to change. Everyone of course is different and what approach we take to change or to handle change will vary. This deliberate change could be called self-improvement and generally there is room for self-improvement in every person's life.  A good question is – how to start?

How do people find out how and where to start?  As we work towards our differing aspirations we can often realise that we don’t have the skills needed to change our life. Many people consider doing something to improve their life and because they don't know how or where to start it becomes too easy to shelve the idea.

Look Inside and be Open to Creating Self-Improvement?

Focusing on the inner self is a good way to go. I’ll be happy when thoughts never really work – like ……….. I'll be happy when - I get a better job, have a committed relationship - or when - something else happens in my life.  Perhaps you believe that you really will be happy when - that certain something materialises. It may be your belief that being wealthy would buy you happiness – it doesn’t work. Happiness is a decision! You choose to be happy. 

Of great importance is our own self-esteem, self-acknowledgement and self-love.. 

Do goals properly by using the subconscious mind. Setting Goals in Personal, Positive and Present Tense language and then checking all goals with SMART - that is, specific, measurable, achievable, reality and time-based when necessary is the only sensible way to achieve success.

Cultivating the self-discipline and responsibility to head in the right direction for achievement of this is important.  Create good habits of positive self-talk, doing goals five times a day and making sure you actively meditate are all essentials of Self-Improvement. Know yourself, your life purpose, your aptitudes together with your special talents. 

Some Ideas on How to Achieve Self-Improvement

1.       Find out about techniques and ways to handle difficulties and the tough times.

2.      Learn to give up hatred and blame and free yourself from resentment and negative thinking.

3.      Choose to be responsible for all aspects of your life.

4.      Set specific, achievable goals.

5.      Learn how to increase your self esteem and confidence.}

6.      Learn how to be selective and say “No” when necessary to help reduce stress and look after yourself.  For stress reduction ask for the help of others and practise daily meditation and healthy habits of eating and exercise.

7.      Surrender graciously and adapt to those things you cannot change.

8.      Developing emotional intelligence will help you to be in control of your emotions.  By developing emotional intelligence it will increase your ability to understand not only yourself but other people and their feelings.

So, working towards self-acceptance and self love is a good place to start.  Have faith in yourself.  Focusing on self-improvement will lead you towards an improved and more contented life.  Skills will be developed to assist you towards an improved lifestyle and performance.  Your effect on others will be positive and you will contribute to making the world a better place.

All the best


"Your gift from God is your potential – Your gift to God is to use it."

Success Story

I did your course in 1991 during a stressful period of my life (we were trying to conceive and entering the IVF programme).   I found it very helpful and conceived shortly after!  
I used the tapes on and off for years and re read the book a few times.  The book was handed on to a needy colleague many years ago and was returned to me only last year with many thanks.
The tapes were lost and of course, no one uses tapes any more.
I am in need of a ‘refresher’ so thought it best to down load the meditations. CM NSW

Compliments of the Season. I still have in mint condition your book which I purchased back about 1996 around the time I attended your weekend seminar in Hobart at the Friends School. Such a wonderful book that leaves others in its wake. MB Tas (Piece of Mind)

Just wanted to send you a quick email and update on a recent goal achievement. I have just returned from 2 weeks in Africa - Tanzania and Kenya, where I went on Safari and climbed to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro- the worlds's highest freestanding mountain!
Being almost 6km high above sea level, it was unbelievably hard (especially towards the top where you only get about 50% oxygen level), but im glad to say I made it! This was one of my most audacious goals I set while at CHI in sydney, only this time last year.
I just wanted to take this time to let you know how exceptionally grateful I am for you helping me setting and achieving goals like this, it truly has changed my life. MD Qld


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