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An acquaintance of mine has just completed a psychology degree in Melbourne, in conversation I was amazed to learn that she knew so little about the subconscious mind, obtained her email address and forwarded her the link, plus . I’ve experienced this same lack of knowledge, in conversation with nurses, doctors, surgeons, first year interns and particularly psychiatrists.

By the way, on a recent trip I read Joe Dispenza’s book ‘Evolve Your Brain’ and felt your enthusiasm for his discoveries. I was particularly blown away with his epilogue. I subscribe to ‘New Scientist’ and article after articles describe science confirming and reconfirming what Joe writes. One article “The Myth of Free Choice”, why, (as you teach) because our habits are laid down by the age of 7 years, consciously we think we are choosing but our subconscious directs us all the way. Just as you say, the MRI evidence is there for all to see.

The mental health industry, is an industry that takes advantage of people’s ignorance and profits from relieving conscious mind symptoms and never getting to the subconscious cause. “Beyond Blue” promotes relief from anxiety (Stress) and depression with drugs, both have the same starting point – how we think. The cure, change the way we think. Use the techniques of Peaceful Place and CALM..

Like the weight loss industry, the Mental Health Industry is self-perpetuating. When one looks at what governments spend and the profits big pharmaceutical companies make, (a lot of it is subsidised by government), the megabucks spent on the artificial disability sector, the megabucks spent on university research, (60% funded by big pharmaceuticals exploring dead-ends and abstract ideas and designed not to produce any helpful result) we all get to understand that “the money’s in the drugs, stupid”.  For example, the Black Dog Institute funding researches into the difference between Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2 or perhaps “on how many angels can dance on the end of a pin”! Whether it is theology or psychiatry the study of someone else’s experiences can be the study of nothing.

I’m a member of Beyond Blue, Blue Voices (a consumer advisory group) and sometimes contribute when comment is solicited. Beyond Blue is awash with money, governments and industry funded. It promotes the medical model ie Drugs, ECT and Cognitive Therapy.  Meditation is dismissed.  It controls most public forums on mental health. To be a Beyond Blue ambassador one must attribute ones wellness to drug therapy and be currently using drugs. I applied but was refused as my recovery didn’t fit the model.

This year a new CEO was appointed, Ms Dawn O’Neil AM. She became quite innovative and started to question the direction of mental health and asked Blue Voices to comment on Beyond Blue’s Beliefs.  That’s right – beliefs, not science – beliefs and ideas!  For a short time it appeared that she was going to turn the lights on and perhaps open Pandora’s Box.  Her position became untenable and she brought a bullying allegation against Chairman Jeff Kennett. The subsequent investigation was a white-wash.  Psychological bullying takes place at the subconscious level, subsequent investigations take place at the conscious level, usually by a person (a lawyer) who has no awareness of this and so can never find evidence of bullying. She resigned on 30 Sep 2011 and so has a number of staff who were aware of what transpired. Now it’s business as usual, promoting the medical model.

If you’re interested I can forward you the Beyond Blue Beliefs and my reply, asked for in June –  the results are still under review!

Online therapy for anxiety and depression eg Mood Gym (ANU), Cognitive Therapy and others all have limited success as they are only practiced at the conscious level and soon forgotten. Groups such as AA (75 years) and Grow (50 years) constantly defer to God, Spirit, a Higher power ie the subconscious mind. It’s a slower process compared to CALM and Peaceful Place methods but for those who DO it, a transformation takes place.

Somehow, some way, we need to crack the shell surrounding the mental health industry.

Can you do me favour? Below is an editorial from The Age newspaper (22/11/2011) and my response which I haven’t sent yet. Please read them –  I’d appreciate your comments.

A response to the Age editorial Tuesday 22 November 2011, Headed,

“Mental Health Fix Needs Fresh Eyes”       

Dear Editor

Fresh eyes?  Perhaps a new vision. The profit-driven Mental Health Medical Model emptied the asylums, giving its champions wealth, power and prestige but has failed we ordinary Australians and it continues to exploit us. It artificially adds to our growing profit-driven disability sector but we tolerate this failure and worse, the resulting catastrophic number of suiciding Australians. Our greatest single cause of death under the age of 55 is suicide. Why? The Diagnostic Statistical Manual has no answer and an examination of DSM- 5’s latest ideas, reveals the emperor has no clothes.    

Neuroscientists working at the quantum level can now observe the human brain in action. They see an extraordinarily powerful, exquisite quantum instrument with unlimited potential, with the ability to change and create in ways thought impossible. Medicos working in the field of mental health relying solely on chemical and physical interventions on the brain to relieve symptoms, demonstrate all the finesse of hitting your laptop with a hammer to recover the hard drive.

Working in Quantum mechanics the laws of our physical world no longer apply. Ninety years ago Danish physicist Neils Bohr said, “Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it”. Today, neuroscience research at the Quantum level of the brain/mind/body confirms ancient wisdoms and is turning our present beliefs and understanding of mental illness on its head.   In science and technology, the unimaginable has become an everyday reality. As this new knowledge, gained at the quantum level, expands our understanding of ourselves and why we do what we do, in life, the previously unimaginable dawns as a new reality, lives are transformed. 

Our single dimensional, academically based, profit driven mental health industry has for years ignored pleas and requests from the public, patients,carers and the recovered, to include staff and counsellors who possess the unique lived experience. These uniquely experienced individuals, from all walks of life, are living, medication-free, full and normal lives within our communities. 

Like explorers throughout history, they risked everything, journeying into the unknown and returning with knowledge, insight and wisdom of invaluable benefit.  A high profile government and industry resourced organisation has observed but not published “a strong theme from feedback received, of the important role of people with personal experience within hospitals and other services. For many, this seems to be, what really made the difference in terms of support and recovery”.   The industry religiously refuses these requests.

Apart from moving the deck chairs, the industry resists change, insulated by a layer of bureaucracy; it concentrates at the profitable tip of the iceberg, symptoms. In the mean time, it’s business as usual. If you feel your world is falling apart and seek help you may find yourself admitted for “proper treatment”. Well meaning staff will give you the label of consumer, to distance you.

The simple will be made complex, you will be subjected to medication, dogma, ritual, instruction and plans that may have little or no connection, relevance or help to what you are experiencing. You’ll be diminished as a person, lose your normal place in society, judged inferior, disempowered, your rights taken away, and if you protest the law allows that you be dealt with, often appallingly. This same single dimensional thinking, this failure of the medical model, is again filling the new asylums, the profit driven Correction Centres.

We are living in 2012, not 1600. Albert Einstein was hailed as the new Copernicus, fresh eyes whose thinking changed the course of mankind. Do we wait for another Copernicus? Do we need another genius to reveal the obvious?  The science, wisdom, experience and skills are right under our nose. Protecting ones turf and beliefs maybe good business but how many Australians must needlessly kill themselves before we seriously look at Mental Health with fresh eyes?

Robert Walter

PS Available is an article about a Federal Govt inquiry in 2012. If you would to read it then please let me know.

Success Stories

How to Have A Stress-Free Wedding Weddings are stressful enough. But how about travelling to the other side of the world to tie the knot? Australian bride, Leah, joined fiancé and fifty-five other guests to celebrate her wedding on the Spanish island of Formentera, near Ibiza. Despite the spectacular setting, she had the usual wedding planning issues to contend with, in a foreign language. But fortunately for Leah, she had a secret weapon to manage the wedding day jitters.
I read “Your Peaceful Place” and learned how to create a peaceful place in my mind.  I listened to the CDs on the plane and built my peaceful place. Every day before my wedding, I spent 10 minutes on my own imagining and feeling the wedding from a place of calm and relaxation. I saw it all unfolding in a beautiful way.”
So, how was the big day? “It worked!” she exclaimed. “My wedding was the most stress-free, amazing time I had. I loved every minute of it.”
Since the wedding, she has continued the practice and passed on the technique to a number of friends. “It’s such a simple, effective and easy method and it helped massively to have the CDs,” she adds. “I’ve even downloaded to CDs to my iPhone and if my brain starts whirring, I can pop on my headphones and get into my peaceful place.”
If only Kim Kardashian had got her hands on a copy of “Your Peaceful Place” book and CDs before her wedding, she might have avoided all that drama. L.B. NSW

From kindergarten my daughter had a learning difficulty. No-one had any answers as to why and it was only her determination and parental support that 'kept her head above water' until Year 11. Then her art teacher (bless her) suggested we read Sandy MacGregor's “Piece of Mind”. By building her peaceful place and using mind maps ("opening the filter" in her brain) my daughter now had new learning tools. At the end of year 12 she had a TER of 82.55 and a scholarship to uni. Continuing with Sandy's techniques she gained 2 degrees, one in Commerce/Marketing at Western Sydney and then one in Law at Sydney Uni. She now is an animal welfare lawyer and has a confidence in her abilities that is a joy to behold. Thank you Sandy F.K.  NSW


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