How To Fix Addictions


This Mind Matters News is about an attempt to help provide a solution to gaining a good procedure to change any addiction. It will be more than that! This Mind Matters News is a blueprint to achieve change. We need to use effective self talk in the meditation state, along with visualisation and emotion. This, when done constantly - every day for a month, will wire together a new neural pathway so that the new habit is firmly into your subconscious mind, having dropped the previous habit or addiction - "cells that don't fire together will drop away".

Yes, this is a tall order and it can be done ... so here goes!  Throughout this Mind Matter News I will refer to previous newsletters, all of which are on my website and most of which can be found when you "Filter by Topic" under the category of the "Thinking Brain" and "Health & Healing" which is under the drop-down menu of the Knowledge Centre (on the bar at the top).

Some Essential Revision

Addictions can be not only alcohol, smoking or drugs - they can also be food, anger, shame, guilt, relationships, lack of self confidence (for expansion on this see "Why are Addictions so Tough to Change?")

Being aware of the addiction is a key.  If you are not aware you can't do anything about it.  If you are aware then you must decide if you want to do anything about it.  When you say "Yes", then the processes I describe will get you on your way to handling addictions and creating change in your life.

Guided Imagery, using your own positive self talk, visualisation and emotion within an Active Meditation  is the essential change mechanism.

The subconscious mind does not get the word "Don't".  "Don't think of a rainbow" means "Think of a rainbow".  "Don't worry" means "Worry".  "Don't forget" means "Forget".  So you must use only positive self talk.

How do you say to yourself "Stop smoking"?  Ask yourself the question: "What will I have when I quit smoking?"  Healthy lungs, more money, a great breath, perfect receptive tastebuds ... and more.  That's what you can focus on for "Stop smoking".

Visualisation can be done using one or all or any combination of - see, feel, smell, hear, taste, imagine and self talk.  After 28 years of doing this I still can not "see" and that's OK.

Emotion is the language of the subconscious mind as proven in 1971 by Rappaport, a research scientist.  Any emotions, from any previous good, positive, past event, can be effectively superimposed on the outcome of any future event (for example self confidence), using Emotional Anchor, which is explained in a track from my Guided Imagery CD

Understanding the Brainwave States is important.  How to get to Alpha - the relaxed state - using Peaceful Place and then to Theta - the meditation state - by going down through the colours, is essential.  It is explained in my book Switch on to Your Inner Strength and on every Meditation CD

Preparatory Steps to Overcoming Any Addiction

1.  The first step is to ensure you have done all the Essential Revision listed in the previous paragraphs.

2.  Decide what outcome you want.

3.  Write down, with very descriptive words, using as many senses as possible, how you envisage yourself in the future, with specific reference to the issue you have chosen.

4.  Close your eyes and visualise Step 3, asking yourself if there are any additional wonderful ways that you can envisage how you will be in relation to the issue in question.

5.  Refine and adjust your written visualisation in Step 3.

6.  Describe your emotions when you have achieved what it is you want.  Write them down.  Envisage people congratulating you and commenting on the "changed you".

7.  Remind yourself of how you felt, with 3 of the most powerful, positive emotional events that have occurred in your life (Emotional Anchor).

8.  Now time yourself.  Being relaxed, slowly close your eyes and go through Steps 5, 6 and 7 in your mind.  For some people making a recording and listening to it is useful.

9.  You need Step 8 to take about 12 minutes, so sometimes you can just repeat Step 8 in your mind by just doing it all again.

Now Just Do It

To prepare your final script you need to flesh it out so that the visualisation takes about 12 minutes. To get ideas read through the next paragraph which is within my Quit Smoking CD

Gradually move your total focus to … your lungs. And now, sense that you look around your lungs. You remember that they were black and had markings in them – from some previous abuse. But these lungs have served you well. You thank them for serving you so well in your life. And you now know that the results of the abuses of the past in your lungs, you’re able to let go. You now thank you lungs for serving you so well and in your mind you can tell yourself “I can now let go all the elements of my lungs that I don’t need. Elements that don’t serve me any more. I can let that go. My lungs are returning to their normal, healthy colour”. And you direct your immune system to your lungs. Imagine and picture beautiful white corpuscles coming around and healing your lungs. All the new cells that are being replaced are the ones that have a new memory, memories of health and only health. Wonderful health. So once again now, all the new cells that come in have a wonderful memory of only health, and the old cells go, and the new cells come. Your lungs get better and better and you feel that happening as you now are looking after your lungs. So let’s do that again, keeping your consciousness at your lungs, you tell yourself that any part of your lungs, any cells within your lungs that don’t serve you, you can let go. And picture that, and feel that, and imagine those cells leaving your lungs, going out through perhaps the top of your head and out into the white light for the highest good of all concerned. And with the new white corpuscles that are building, the new cells come in. Those new cells come to your lungs, which help to make them healthy and well and strong, because they’re new cells, with new memory. Do that in your mind. And you feel great. Yes, you feel better already. Imagine many people are congratulating you, particularly your friends and relations. Well done. Your doctor is telling you what wonderful, clean lungs you have. Ahhhh ! That’s great ! Feel that, hear that, see that. Imagine the congratulations again, while the music plays.

Within this Quit Smoking CD the visualisation is repeated at least 3 times, using slightly different wording.  At the end of the CD there is a very important scene where people are congratulating you for having healthy lungs and a great breath.  Notice I avoid using the word "Smoking" or "Quit Smoking".  At the end of any visualisation it is best to have a scene where the "new you" acts in just the way you want.

So this is what you now do

1.  Comfortable position, preferably by yourself.

2.  Put on relaxing music - Infinite Joy or Baroque Music (Accelerated Learning Music) at 60 beats per minute.

3.  Go to Alpha - Peaceful Place.

4.  Go to Theta - down through the colours.

5.  Do your script inside your  mind, emotionalising and feeling good about yourself.

6.  Come out of Active Meditation by counting slowly from 1 to 5 and on number 5 open your eyes.

I know that what I have described above takes quite a bit of effort ..... and ..... it is worth it. When you have effectively changed an addiction you'll feel on top of the world - you are no longer helpless - you are no longer haunted by what you thought controlled you - you have control ........... and what a great feeling that is.

To make things easier I have a Meditation CD which does all the steps above except Step 5 - writing your own script. As a suggestion you could use this Peaceful Place Meditation CD#5 because after my guided imagery, there is music only playing, and I ask you, during this time of meditation to focus on a word or your breath, however you could ignore that instruction and instead do your own script.

So, know that your Active Meditation takes about 20 to 25 minutes each time.  Choose a time that will suit you best (I find first thing in the morning is best for me).  Do it at least daily for one month and you will form a new habit in your subconscious mind, overcoming any addiction. Please let me know of your success.

All the Best

Sandy MacGregor 

Success Story

My life has changed 360 degrees after completing the CHI Seminar. It opened doors which could lead me to where I want to be in life. Prior to attending the CHI seminar I was seeing a clinical psychologist to treat my deep depression. I mentioned about completing the CALM Life Skill Seminar and my psychologist told me that the feel good experience will wear out after a week or so. I worked on Sandy's CALM techniques and a week after completing the CHI Seminar, I told my psychologist that I really didn't need anymore treatments. He was amazed with my rapid progress and noticed my body language change from negative to positive over the weeks. The thing that worked for me was applying Sandy's CALM techniques to bring about a positive change in myself. I learnt to not become a victim of myself and to truly love myself each day. The best thing of all is that I have my life back again with my wife and 2 young boys. Thank you Sandy for making my world a better place to live in.TT, NSW.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to attend this CHI Seminar, it has changed my life remarkably even in such a short period and I am feeling so GOOD! Even on days when I am feeling a little low I go to Peaceful Place or meditate and all the colour comes back into the world again. I have been meditating every morning before I start work and nothing stops me, if I’m late to a meeting so be it - I remain CALM! Still sleeping so much better too, dropping off before I even get to the colours now. LM, NSW

Thank you so much for responding personally, I really appreciate all the relevant information for my friend.  She is very low and losing the will to live as sick of being in pain and unwell.  I spoke at length to her at the weekend and spoke about your books and what I have achieved from reading them and also other information that I had downloaded.  I spoke about the seminar that I attended (it is great you have this Active Meditation Seminar available on DVD now) and how it has really helped me to focus on my inner strengths and have improved my confidence and have actually won a scholarship to complete my Customer Service Management Course!!  She seemed to take it all in and became very interested, so I then told her that I had actually already sent you an email for some help as to which information was best to start with. From there she thanked me profusely and promised she will read what I get for her.  I have now downloaded a lot of information and will lend her my copy of the book 'Switch On to Your Inner Strength' to start with. Again...thank you so much.  I will let you know how she progresses. KA, NSW



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