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For some time now a friend of mine, who has done the CHI Seminar, has been speaking with me about the "awesome" (his word) uses there are for putting Peaceful Place (PP) to work in your life. My intention with this EReport is to share my friend's letter which describes his uses for PP and to ask you to respond and send me additional ways that you use PP. I really want to encourage others and expand awareness by building a library of uses: So, - please contribute. First to a quick explanation of what is PP.

Some Science

As a reminder PP is almost the precursor for any activity that I teach about. PP is that spot inside your mind (that you build in imagination or reality) and when you 'get there' - to this spot inside your mind - you are in the relaxed Alpha brain wave state.

But, and it is a but, relaxation, although valuable, is not the major reason for having a PP. The real reason is that you open the reticular activating system (which is a filter - a bunch of cells in the Lymbic System - which sits between the conscious and subconscious mind) and, when it's open you can use the conscious part of the mind to communicate with the subconscious mind (using guided imagery and visualisation). All our memory, habits, personality and self image are in the subconscious mind. If we want to change a habit or develop memory, we need to work with the subconscious mind.

The real value of PP is that it gives you access to the subconscious mind.

Troy's Letter

Hi Sandy,

Having since attended the CHI Seminar ( in October 2006) I have been actively using my Peaceful Place (daily and a few times per day) as an inner place of freedom to go and manifest my goals and to release the stress of the day and doing this with tremendous success. The five year plan I made more myself in the CHI program I expect to achieve in 4 (and that is saying something, given that reached pretty far with my goals)… But not only this I feel so much more freedom in my life, free to be the person I want to be having overcome many blocks which were preventing me from being happy, and getting clear about what it is that was really important to me… I often think how awesome my Peaceful Place (PP) is and I know so many of your other Chi participants are actively use their PP or sometimes, even more importantly, they are actively meditating and having similar success.

PP is such an incredible tool… I feel that once anyone has a PP (which can be added to and finely tuned) it can be incorporated into so many techniques which have a positive influence in one's life. For example I have a huge volcano on my island and this volcano has the hottest, reddest lava… I often, at the end of the day, go up to the volcano and dump my accumulated stress into it and watch it literally burn away, I immediately feel lighter and happier each time I do it… And as I do it I feel love, strength and confidence flow into me, energizing me where that stress previously occupied… Looking towards the heavens a ray of light flows down, hits my crown forehead and flows through my body… Love, pure, pure love… Filling my being… This is only one of many techniques I have incorporated into my peaceful place!

Each day I go to my PP to visualise my goals, send love and light, pretty much play out any scenario/behaviour ?that I want… The peaceful place concept is awesome and something that I thank you for. Every and any person can benefit from using PP.

A host of other things that I have been able to use my peaceful place for include but are not limited to the following:

  1. It allows you to step outside your conditioned mind and step into the intelligence which created all.
  2. Release Stress.
  3. Effectively use the Creativity process
  4. Enhance Visualisation
  5. Get beyond my intellect
  6. Radiate love to others
  7. Create habits
  8. Developing Intuition
  9. Develop access to Subconscious intelligence
  10. Receiving love
  11. Receiving Inspiration
  12. To be nothing and to be everything
  13. To be free of roles
  14. To focus my mind
  15. To become aware of thoughts and letting go of thoughts
  16. To change state
  17. To bring presence into my life
  18. To develop awareness within my body
  19. To go beyond the conditioned mind and to discover the essence of who I truly am
  20. To empower my inner world (thoughts, visualisations, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, values) and disempower my outer-world (people, places, circumstances)
  21. To create my world for me
  22. To begin the process in controlling my mind and not my mind controlling me
  23. My peaceful place is my inner world... My inner world is the only world where I have absolute power… power that I, without awareness, readily give away…

I would have to say that the Chi seminar and the PP concept has been one of the most memorable in my life and one which I will continue to use daily as it constantly helps me to create richness and love in my life.

Thank you for everything Sandy… I look forward to doing Chi again some time soon!

Troy Haines

So, let me take this opportunity of really of urging you to let me know (and therefore others) the special ways you are using PP and help me to build this library of awareness.

All the best,

Sandy signature
Sandy MacGregor


Success Stories

Dear Sandy,
Some little time has passed since I was last in touch and I’m pleased to say so much has happened since attending the 3 hour Meditation Seminar in Hobart and receiving the Peaceful Place set of CDs and the Switch On book. I’m just amazed at the difference it’s making to every area of my life, i.e. mental, emotional, spiritual, even physical. I would never have believed it possible unless I experienced it personally. Please allow me to share with you some more of the ways CALM has helped me.
        When returning to aerobics after the 8 week summer break, I found I was much better co-ordinated and couldn’t figure out why… usually it takes a couple of weeks to “get back into it”. Then I remembered what had been said and written in CALM in relation to improved sporting ability and came to the realisation it was, in fact, the meditation techniques which had helped my co-ordination.
        Recently someone spoke to me who hasn’t s poken to me for years. He is the husband of one of my best friends. He is also a Vietnam Veteran. He’s always appears to have a “chip on his shoulder” and, at best, he’d acknowledge you with a grunt, at worst, he’d simply ignore you. At the shopping centre last week I was acknowledged with a “how are ya” and after the initial shock I responded that I was very well thank you! I couldn’t help but wonder whether I was conveying more positive vibes toward him. In hindsight I’m certain that was the case.
        I’m glad to say that whilst I’m still very involved in a fight against a local development proposal, it’s not causing me as much angst as it was before I started with CALM. I’m finding I’m more in control of my emotions (especially anger), I prioritise actions I want to be involved with and say “no” to some, and have been much more positive in my approach to the dispute.
        Whilst these are just everyday challenges they are significant to me because CALM has made a difference not only in areas I’d hoped, but also in areas I didn’t expect. What has actually happened is that it’s increased my confidence enough to just begin contemplating facing a huge challenge which is still way off, but nevertheless no longer ruled out as a possibility.
MM Tas

        Like some of your ‘satisfied clients’ I have found the meditation for helping one sleep very effective.  Now I generally don’t get more than about two colours in, and I’m gone!
        Last year, in August, I attended a residential seminar with awesome New Zealand poet and children’s book writer Joy Cowley.  A couple of the quotes from Joy’s seminar resonated with me as I read your words below.  One was “We’re not human beings on a spiritual journey; we’re spiritual beings on a human journey.”  She also quoted a medieval monk who said, “Find thyself; ‘tis half the way to God, then lose thyself, and the rest of the way is trod.”
        If you’re interested in her poetry books at all she’s written the following, which I would warmly recommend.  She has such an original, fresh way of expressing herself and talk with God as an ‘old friend’.  You can google her to find her books (or email if I’ve intrigued you!  NZ  FP, NZ


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