Change - The Only Constant


"The Earth has fallen out of orbit and is being sucked into the sun at such a rate that all life will cease to exist in just seven days." Imagine that's the message that appears in all media today and is supported by top scientists around the world. The President of the United States goes on CNN worldwide to confirm this is fact, and that there is nothing that can be done about it. Well apart from the initial shock and panic of the vast majority, what do you think would be the dominating characteristic in the behaviour of people towards each other, in those final hours? That is how my last hard copy "Switch On" Newsletter started. Well in a sense life as we knew it ceased to exist on 11th September 2001.

Greetings!  I am pleased to reach you with my first on-line E-Report, which hopefully will be produced often.  Much has changed for the world.  Of course the only two "constants" are taxation and change itself, but the rate of change and quick ejection from our Comfort Zones can be painful.  Why is this so?  Because the job of the subconscious mind (the deeper inner mind) is to keep you where you are now - with all the habits (good and bad - the subconscious mind doesn't care) that its got right now.  The deeper inner subconscious mind wants to stay with what it already has and does not want something it doesn't already have.  So most of us like to remain inside our Comfort Zone.

There is of course hope - you can expand the subconscious mind and therefore your Comfort Zone, then it will not be necessary to have will power.  Your mind is like a plant - it can grow; and it is also like rubber - it can stretch.  Our mind continues to grow after the body stops growing.  No intelligence test has been invented that will prove beyond doubt, what you are capable of thinking.  Remember, go the extra mile - it's never crowded.

Memory is like a muscle.  If you train it, it develops; if you do not cultivate it, it wastes away.  Too many people think that memory is a "gift" reserved for a few individuals who are blessed by the gods.  The capacity of your memory depends on physical and mental health - think about exams failed through nervousness, tiredness, "tip of the tongue" syndrome, etc.  Memory is a machine which must be run in and maintained.  Developing your memory means developing your understanding, your sense of judgement, your concentration, finding a goal in life, seeking a meaning in every action you perform.  A brain without a purpose is a brain which cannot have a good memory.

The metabolism of the brain, among other things, requires calcium and phosphorus - in the right proportions of course and with a little vitamin D to get the desired effect. Good "memory foods" are: wheat-germ, fish, eggs, yoghurt, cheese, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc... Avoid fatty meat and in general meals with too much fat. Also avoid too much sugar - it produces lactic acid - acid fruits and anything else containing too much acid (watercress, acid drinks, vinegar, etc.).

We know from experience that it is easier to preserve health rather than to cure disease. We mostly live healthier, longer lives today because of our improved way of living and medical science. A healthy body is also dependent upon what we think about and feel - it is a barometer of our emotions. Many people note consciously that they are upset by "bad news" and "headache" becomes a synonym for "worry". Remember, properly understood, worry is simply the unintelligent repetition of an idea or a feeling, especially about? something which may not happen. So, besides having a healthy body we must also have a healthy mental and emotional life. I have always said that "thoughts are things" - I can, and will, go further by saying some thoughts are forces.

Once people realise that they are responsible for what happens to them they will have one of two opposite reactions. Move forward with new confidence, or stop - petrified with fear - lest a mistake is made. Once you accept responsibility for yourself, you will create a new self and new opportunities.

So how do we handle change. The first step is to embrace it by saying "What is there in this change that will positively influence my life?"? (Ask a positive question and you get positive answers). Now relax (this gets you to the Alpha Brainwave State - use the Peaceful Place technique to get there fast) then visualise the changes as having already happened and that you are handling life well. In this meditative state ask yourself the question "What is there in this change that will positively influence my life?", and see what comes up for you. It will be Positive.

That's all for now. Here's hoping you enjoy the Success Stories below.

All the Best

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Sandy MacGregor

Success Stories

I've been meaning to write for ages to say thank you for your course. I did the seminar a while ago with the aim of learning to relax and find more joy in life. It certainly has helped me, but I'm finding it is a slow process to change my thinking to be more positive, accepting, spontaneous, confident ... there are so many aspects of my life that I want to improve. Also there is the practical side of fitting the meditation into my daily routine. Sometimes I just use the tapes to help me fall asleep at night - not an active meditation then! Probably my most useful meditations were just before I started teaching a University Course recently. I prepared the whole course outline as I meditated. I felt so relaxed and confident, knowing that I had developed a good plan for the 14 weeks. Many of the students told me they enjoyed my course too. Now I'm preparing a high school dinner dance. Some aspects of the night's program have been worrying me. This morning on the train I meditated and came up with some new ideas for getting the program sorted out. Meditation is so good for clear thinking. I heard you talking about forgiving being helpful for the forgiver. Thanks for sharing that idea on TV. Best Wishes. DH, Sydney

I attended your seminar early this year and also late last year. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know about the results of the seminar. At the last seminar I attended I specifically wanted to work on my confidence level as I had started a new job and was rather nervous about it. During our meditation on the Sunday I was trying to focus on my career and for some reason visualisations of a wedding, a man and relationships kept overpowering my thoughts of my career focus. I spoke to the group about it and then realised that I probably needed to really focus on a relationship. This is something that I had been very much avoiding at this stage because of a prolonged history of unsuccessful relationships. At 42 years of age I had given up the idea of ever finding Mr Right! - He wasn't out there and if he had been, he certainly by-passed me! I had been getting up every morning with much enthusiasm and meditating between 1? to 2 hours and had written down what I wanted in life, including marriage and career path, having more patience, etc... Getting to the heart of the story, I am now getting married in a couple of months. I did meet what I believe to be Mr Right as he had all the qualities that I had asked for in my meditations. I met him after 2 months of doing the last seminar. Of course I am very happy and my anxiety levels related to my new job have subsided resulting in me feeling more confident. I do want to thank you for what you have introduced to me. You shall be definitely seeing me again Sandy. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, KC-H, Sydney

Just a few lines to pass on my sincere thanks for a wonderful weekend recently. I gained so much and am determined to make Alpha and Theta a big part of my life. So far, so good. I have been going to Alpha on an average of 10-15 times a day, and so far I have managed to have one big session per day since the weekend. I would just like to share this experience with you ... when we did the pain release meditation, for some reason, I had this scary feeling whenever the colour dark blue was mentioned - it was like a fearful feeling, and I also had an uncomfortable feeling in my throat at the end. However, during the next meditation I asked for answers to the experience and I cried and cried almost throughout the whole meditation. The feelings however were of happiness and the answer I got was that I needed to release my feelings more and cry more than I do. I could really relate to this as I try really hard to be an empathetic listener and can cry tears for others, but when it comes to dealing with my own feelings, I'm afraid I've been notorious for stuffing the feelings down and fighting back tears, to the stage that I often find it difficult to cry. By the way, the colour dark blue hasn't been a problem for me since. Once again, thank you for sharing yourself with all of us - seminar was fantastic. Love, SR, Victoria.


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