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Here's an E-Report that can be directed towards students and their growth. In it I am introducing my NEW How To LEARN FASTER Kit. which is based on the DVDs of my Students Success Seminar. The Kit is specifically for any age student including adults who are re-educating themselves. Consider this - it's not What to Learn that is important in life - it's How to Learn. The success and the well-being of all children is of vital importance. It's not overstating the point to say that their future success is the future success of any country, is it? And, wouldn't you agree that in today's world children need as much positive input as possible, just to counteract the negatives they get all day long?

Some shocking statistics

Did you know that a recent survey of teenagers discovered that 76% are pessimistic, with little faith that their world is going to get better, and almost 90% do not believe in the importance of upholding time-honoured customs and values (Melbourne Age Newspaper).

Complementing those awful percentages, Californian research shows that 85% of school children at age 6 feel positive about themselves and their future. BUT, by the time they reach 16 years of age, that figure has fallen alarmingly to just ... 16%.  At the very least, a dramatic change in self-esteem and self-image has taken place ... for the worse ... in the intervening ten years.

My response

These statistics horrified me!   These, as well as the repeated request of parents and educators, were my motivation for writing a book to help children and young adults.  That book is Students Steps To Success (now internationally acclaimed). I then followed this by developing a Students Success Seminar designed especially for them, and I have now put that seminar on a DVD with a workbook.  This is available as part of the LEARN FASTER Kit.

The kit presents how to learn using visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles.  Scientifically proven Accelerated Learning methods (the ability to achieve faster) are presented throughout the kit.  The resources included in the kit are the Student's Success Seminar (on 2 DVDs, plus a workbook), 7 CDs (including Baroque Music, Guided Imagery, Meditations and information CDs) and the book "Students Steps to Success".

Using the power of your subconscious mind

The techniques taught in the book and the kit teach students how to use the other 88% of your mind, the subconscious mind. Have a look at what David Smith, retired Associate Professor, School of Teaching and Curriculum Studies at the University of Sydney says about it:

"Until now, teaching and learning has concentrated only on our conscious mind; on only 12% of our mindpower. The scientifically proven techniques Sandy MacGregor teaches unleash the other 88% of our mindpower. Learn and practise these techniques and you will harness the total power of your mind, in not only learning, but in all aspects of your life."

This 88% power of the mind is something most people were never taught or told about when they were growing up. Even today less than 1% of the population have been taught the Laws and Language of that 88%. Nor do they know how to program the subconscious mind to their own advantage. (Imparting this awareness and skill to everyone is my vision).

You see, much of what science has been able to prove to us on this subject stems from the relatively recent findings of Dr Roger Sperry, who in 1981 received the Nobel Prize for his work on the left and right hemispheres of the brain. (Commonly referred to as the "analytical side" and the "creative side"). Today, this forms the basis for most types of accelerated learning and whole brain thinking, not just for children, but adults as well.

Now, we also know that the other 88% of our mind is the permanent storehouse for all memory, habits, personality and self-image. It is also the powerhouse that can determines the difference between a happy, fulfilling, successful life on the one hand, and frustration and failure on the other.

How we learn

Did you know that in the first five years of childs life, they actually learn more facts than it takes to get a University degree in medicine or engineering. It's true!? And it's because they are learning with BOTH sides or the WHOLE of their brain, AND it's also because they are having fun and are relaxed. By being relaxed they are predominantly thinking of only one thing at a time which means that what they are learning goes directly to their memory bank, which is in the other 88% of their mind.

When children go to school, they immediately start to learn logically, thereby using the "analytical side" of their brain, which learns 40 to 400 times slower than the "creative side."? For many children (myself included), it's not unusual for the "creative side" of their brain to lie virtually unused for most of their lives. (In my own case, it did until I was 41 years of age.)

As your children grow older and external pressures start to affect them, they begin to experience stress, and this affects them in different ways. A few cope but most get: 



  • anxious

  • irritable

  • frustrated

  • nervous

  • tearful

  • even frightened


Overcoming difficulties and experiencing success

To overcome these difficulties, and to experience success in all areas of their life, children need some skills that enable them to use both 'sides' of their brain and to release the stress quickly. These skills are two of the outcomes students will learn from my seminar.

The techniques taught in the book and seminar are not just designed to help students get good test or exam results, they also facilitate the building of a happy, fulfilling, successful life, and that's what we all want for our children, isn't it

Children and teenagers love the techniques I teach because they are so easy to use. From 6 years of age, children can use these techniques (with some assistance), and from around 12 or 13 years of age, students can learn to use these techniques on their own.

Perhaps the best part of all (for you and for them) is that they can use these for the rest of their lives, to reap these wonderful benefits:



  • Excel Academically

  • Accelerate reading and comprehension

  • Achieve what they really want in life

  • Build satisfying relationships that last

  • Make the kind of money they want from the career they choose

  • Learn and recall from memory 3 to 7 times faster

  • Enjoy positive self-esteem and positive self-image

  • Release hurt or physical pain quickly

  • Relax and release stress, any time, any place, anywhere

  • Improve sporting ability and co-ordination

  • Overcome fear and anxiousness

  • Accomplish goals that will delight them (and amaze you)


Amazingly enough, students don't even have to believe the techniques will work... all they need do is use them... and they'll discover they work automatically, literally from day one!? (Incidentally, if you decide to use any of them for yourself, you'll achieve the same result.)

The key words of course are... USE THEM. This is why for on-going and lasting benefits to be achieved it is important to continue to practise the techniques after the seminar.

A success story

Following is a letter from 17 year old Danielle Elliot from NSW about how these techniques have helped her:

Just recently I had my exams and particularly Biology in which I received 91%. In regards to the Mind Charting and picturing myself with a high result in Biology, I can honestly say that is all I used to get 91%. As proof to myself I refused to use any other method. This is evidence to me that the knowledge I have gained will allow me to achieve whatever I set my mind to. The most outstanding for me is my English - I moved up 20 ranks!

The mind is a powerful thing and I thank you Sandy for teaching me this. I realise now it is up to me to achieve my goals, like finishing the HSC with the best possible TER I can receive. Thank you once again for bringing a change, a positive change into my life which I will never forget."

I think you'd agree that Danielle's achievement of academic and health improvement is really quite outstanding, AND this is only one of dozens of success stories we continue to receive from seminar participants. (More are available on the website at


For the past 15 years, I've been writing books and running seminars that teaches people how to use the power of the subconscious mind and achieve what they really want in life. I believe it is particularly important that we teach our young people these techniques, especially in the face of the constant pressures many of them face today.

So, thank you for giving me these few minutes from your busy day. I hope you feel my words have contributed something worthwhile to it!

All The Best and please accept our early Seasons Greetings

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Sandy MacGregor


P.S.  By the way, if your teenagers play any kind of sport,  using these techniques will give them almost instant improvement, and they'll be interested to know that Sports Psychologists teaches these techniques to all our elite athletes. Do you remember the "miracle" of Jana Pittman running soon after a knee operation at the Athens Olympics - she was using similar methods which could be called Psycho-Neuro-Immunology.


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