Improve Meditation


Meditation is an important tool which we can use to relax and release stress. Learn about the process of meditation and how to improve your meditation techniques.

Why is it important to improve meditation?

Our ability to meditate is one of our most important skills. It is the means by which we can relax and release stress, consciously enhance our ability to heal, reprogram our subconscious responses and begin to contemplate and understand our spiritual connection. (Spiritual being the increased connection to, or understanding of, self).


How Can We Improve Our Ability To Meditate?

MeditationMuch has been written on the subject. One method taught is the "emptying of the mind". The approach taken here is often the teaching of a Mantra. I know that you can achieve so very much in the meditation state (my personal example of changing hatred, anger and revenge to acceptance, cooperation, unconditional love and forgiveness), however the method I used was directing the subconscious mind with the conscious mind in a state of alertness. So what I am talking about here is active meditation - actually doing something with your mind, using guided meditation or guided imagery. A recent major scientific discovery revealed that the meditative state occurs in a particular brain wave state called Theta. This brain wave state can be deliberately or consciously trained and developed. Previously, when people learned how to meditate they did not have a tangible means of seeing how effectively they were applying a chosen technique. However we now have biofeedback equipment which can accurately measure your brain wave state actually showing the effectiveness of a person applying a meditation technique.


How Can Our Methods Assist in enhancing meditation?

We can and do actually take over our mind consciously, guiding our thoughts into the subconscious. This way we can actually form new habits or improve habits. You will actually be able to feel the change in your body during the practise sessions. For instance you may not be able to feel your arms or legs, but your mind is extremely focused and active!

In the Life Skills Seminar we improve the ability to meditate by teaching and practising the following skills:

  1. The ability to consciously relax any time any where.
  2. A complete scientific explanation of how the brain works.
  3. The ability to develop an active meditation technique
  4. The ability to develop specific Mind/Body exercises for developing meditation.
  5. Proof that you are able to perform these skills through the use of Bio-Feedback equipment.

What types of Meditation Techniques are suitable to me?

There are many othere different types of meditation techniques which you can learn about from Sany MacGregor besided guided meditation and active medititation to improve your meditation experience. These include Yoga Meditation, Active Meditation, Buddha Meditation, Transcendental Meditation and much more. Please contact Sandy to discuss your specific questions and to learn if these would be suitable to your specific needs.


So What is the Next Action Step that You Can Take to Improve Meditation or to learn Meditation Techniques?

CALM makes suggestions on how you can develop your skills in dealing with Enhancing Meditation using Sandy MacGregor's low cost Tapes, Books, CDs, Videos and Seminars which have been utilised by thousands of people successfully since 1990.


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